Bluetooth LE

This module is responsible for Bluetooth Low Energy devices discovery, services enumeration and characteristic writing for unauthenticated devices.

This module is not supported on Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS due to this bug.


ble.recon on

Start Bluetooth Low Energy devices discovery.

ble.recon off

Stop Bluetooth Low Energy devices discovery.


Clear all devices collected by the BLE discovery module.

Show discovered Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

ble.enum MAC

Enumerate services and characteristics for the given BLE device.


Write the HEX_DATA buffer to the BLE device with the specified MAC address, to the characteristics with the given UUID. |


parameter default description
ble.device -1 Index of the HCI device to use, -1 to autodetect. Defines a regular expression filter for rssi asc Defines sorting field (rssi, mac, or seen) and direction (asc or desc) for 0 If greater than zero, defines limit for


Connect, enumerate and read characteristics from the BLE device 04:52:de:ad:be:ef (requires ble.recon on first):

> ble.enum 04:52:de:ad:be:ef

Write the bytes ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff to the BLE device 04:52:de:ad:be:ef on its characteristics with UUID 234bfbd5e3b34536a3fe723620d4b78d (requires ble.recon on first):

> ble.write 04:52:de:ad:be:ef 234bfbd5e3b34536a3fe723620d4b78d ffffffffffffffff

Hacking a Loccess smartlock using bettercap: