A command&control module that connects to an IRC server for reporting and commands.


c2 on

Start the C2 module.

c2 off

Stop the C2 module.

c2.channel.set EVENT_TYPE CHANNEL

Set a specific channel to report events of this type.

c2.channel.clear EVENT_TYPE

Clear the channel to use for a specific event type.

c2.template.set EVENT_TYPE TEMPLATE

Set the reporting template to use for a specific event type.

c2.template.clear EVENT_TYPE

Clear the reporting template to use for a specific event type.


parameter default description
c2.channel.control #events IRC channel to receive commands from.
c2.channel.events #events IRC channel to send events to.
c2.channel.output #events IRC channel to send commands output to.
c2.nick bettercap IRC nickname.
c2.operator admin IRC nickname of the user allowed to run commands.
c2.password password IRC server password.
c2.sasl.password IRC server SASL password.
c2.sasl.username IRC SASL username.
c2.server localhost:6697 IRC server address and port.
c2.server.tls true Enable TLS.
c2.server.tls.verify false Enable TLS certificate validation.
c2.username bettercap IRC username.