This module is responsible for periodically reading the system ARP table in order to detect new hosts on the network.


net.recon on

Start network hosts discovery.

net.recon off

Stop network hosts discovery.


Clear all endpoints collected by the hosts discovery module.

Show cache hosts list (default sorting by ip). ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2

Show information about a specific list of addresses (by IP or MAC). ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2

Show metadata (mDNS, UPnP, open ports, etc) about a specific list of addresses (by IP or MAC).


parameter default description false If true, the command will show all metadata collected about each endpoint. Defines a regular expression filter for ip asc Defines sorting field (ip, mac, seen, sent, rcvd) and direction (asc or desc) for 0 If greater than zero, defines limit for


Sort by IP and filter for MAC addresses starting with B8:

> set ip asc
> set ^B8

Filter by endpoints with the string Apple in their hostname or vendor fields:

> set Apple

Show top 10 endpoints sorted by last activity timestamp:

> set seen desc
> set 10